What do we want really?

This isn’t the first time I am asking myself this question, and certainly not the last. When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to grow up and I did but it wasn’t something I was living for. Next I wanted to study computers, I did that too but it was not like what […]

Is supporting a religion a racism?

We humans have habit of dividing ourselves, be it with gender, caste, religion, profession, race. In my view, the most underrated and deadliest is religion. Well I am an Atheist, I just don’t believe in religion and their values but I don’t say people from any religion or gender or race is bad. There are […]

Hack Life

May 4, 2014, It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and whole Kathmandu was in a big rush. The roads were filled with lots of mini ponds, and people were running around, taking shelther from the rain. In that rush me and my friend were calmly on our way to thamel, to get myself inked “Hack […]

The Human Race

As I started to grew up, I see everything speeding up, people running fast. If you aren’t important you are left behind. I realized the social life I was dreaming of ain’t so important now. The attachements, the friendships are mostly just a illusions, people can leave you falling behind and go away with such […]

Let GO

In life happiness is seldom found… The memories, pressure it burns the mind and soul. Hate is all around, if you see what I see. All I can remember is the lying, the cheating and the hellish nights alone… I was patient, I tried to be good but the world keeps pusing me away. I […]

Life String and ME

Life always plays strange; one second your the happiest person you can imagine, next moment you are weeping for something you never had. We just revolve around the same old thing over and over again. We never get tired of it, even though we know there are better things waiting for us. We never really […]

The Angel that I met

Life is a funny, and so unpredictable. I guess none of my friends really expected me to love someone more than the gadgets and football. I never really seemed to care cause I was happy with my life, my attitude my thoughts. I enjoyed my solitude and never ever thought of a change. As a […]

The God De-mystifiyed

“God” often described as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe…. They are supposed to be the most powerful well… being or element or lets say of anything…. They made everything….you see around and ofc you, yourself lol… There are millions, billions of people who follow god blindly and many have devoted their life […]