I love the mountain top

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Imagine yourself traveling all the way to the top of a beautiful mountain. The feeling when you reach the top is unexplainable, you have the best view and the proudest moment of your life and yeah you have that happiness building in you.


Photo courtesy streamingindie.blogspot.com

Traveling to the mountain top is never an easy journey, you face lots of obstacle, but its the hope of reaching to the top that keeps you going. The constant thrill, the running emotion defines your journey. Your mind is focused on reaching to the top and hugging the peak. You become the king of the mountain that overcomes all your weakness, you become a warrior that fights all the obstacle, you become someone whose happiness cannot be measured.

Reaching to the top is a whole new emotion, you have conquered your fears, you have battled your emotions and what remains is a pure dope of love and happiness. Everything seems just beautiful around it; the views, the people and the world. The traversal of your hair from straight to curly, the answer to your dreams and the moment of wisdom captures you and takes you to a new level where you just fall in love with the beauty, the strength and the courage thats gonna be there for the rest of your life. You never get tired of saying and expressing the journey and love to the mountain top.

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