A rose in my heart

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They say life takes a lot of twisted turns and on the way, people are passing by some are important but we are always passing through. A single event can change the life of a person and a single person can bring out the best in you. In life, you struggle, have ups and downs but sometimes you just need to talk with that one person to bring you back where you belong.

I have had my fair share of experience in life, meeting different people some good and some bad. I always kept my circle small and have some good people in life, I always felt there was something missing within me. I never could capture myself and bring out my better half, although I always enjoyed and cherished the smallest stuff that mattered to me there always seemed to be something bugging me like a story that is incomplete.

A few days ago I ran into this conversation with an old friend after almost 10 years. We talked about childhood memories and incidents that happened. Laughter was shared and moments were captured. We got into this zone where we saw how our life which had flipped upside down into a bittersweet mess transform into pure reality. You could distinguish the innocence of friendship in childhood from the current ones. That time friendship had we had no expectation, no greed and no pride to the current world of responsibilities, expectation, want and pride.

As we talked further down the line our respect grew and our bond became stronger. Certain people bring out that positivity in you and she was the one that truly showed the best of me. It is really amazing how she could understand and read me inside out. I could comfortably just have a conversation with her throughout the day and yet the next day felt new. They say the energy and thoughts need to match between the two people to have the best bond, and ours seem to fit in perfectly. She rejoices the smallest moment in her life and it brings out this inner joy within me. I couldn’t have imagined that a certain smile would mean so much for me. I never thought love would be innocent again, in fact, I never knew I’d be able to love under the sky again. She taught me that even your innocent childhood feelings can be matured with innocence when with the right person, she taught me that having a trust of someone is the biggest gift a person can get.

I am often still called a robot and I always kept my emotions hidden from the outside world. I always considered sharing emotion is vulnerability and weakness due to past experiences, but with her, it just came out and shared itself. With her, I always have the feeling of improving and being a better person. Her innocence and care give me the shiver I never felt, she has such a powerful energy that you do not think of anything bad. I had never felt this comfortable sharing my feelings with anyone else, and I tell her every day she is truly the best of me.

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