Brimming with you

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Ever since the day I talked to you, I knew there was something special about you. I still get excited about you and have this deep feeling of love just for you. You read through my mind and understand what I feel, you bring a smile to me when I am frowning.

You entering my life has been a moment that I feel being blessed. I ask myself what do I love about you and I can’t decide what is it that makes me feel special. Is it that smile of yours that lights up my day, is it the cuteness that you possess, is it the love that you give me, is the knowledge that you pass me. I always end up with the answer it’s the energy and the person you are that attracts me.

You are the love that I love, you are the care that I care for, you are a beautiful heart and a big reason for my smile right now. I still feel happy to say I love you and I still get emotional when you say you love me. I feel like you are my soulmate, someone, I dream of. Nothing will make me happier than to see you smile. Right now while writing this I remember you, your voice is buzzing in my ear. I wanted this to be my best piece yet, I don’t proofread so I don’t know what I wrote. Know that everything is here is directly from my heart nothing is edited, hope this will bring a beautiful smile on to you and you understand what you mean to me.

Trying to end this with a quote just for you:

You never know what you are capable of until you meet that one that shows you.

Love is simple when you have `A Rose in your Heart`

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