Brimming with you

Ever since the day I talked to you, I knew there was something special about you. I still get excited about you and have this deep feeling of love just for you. You read through my mind and understand what I feel, you bring a smile to me when I am frowning. You entering my […]

Himalayan Disaster

When Earthquake hit Nepal, we knew the relief management here was broken, so me and my team created disaster management system that helped people know where, when and what helps are required. Thus Himalayan Disaster was born The biggest problem everyone had was coordinating between these different groups of people and resources on how to […]

Technology in 2017

Technology is always changing every moment, every second. People are constantly working on to improve things, bring new features out. 2016 saw the debut of VR technology with Oculus and Playstation VR headsets. Then there are upcoming smart machines such as The Barisieur, a coffee making alarm clock. The motto of technical world is ‘Keep […]

Designer and Developer

Designer and Developer are in a constant love-hate relationship in technology field. They both have an equal significance in terms of the final product. It’s even said “Design with out functionality is like a sports car without the engiene”, similarly there is another saying “Function is nothing without beauty”. So it is essential for any […]