The Side of me

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You are the brightest side of my heart, one that gives meaning to my life. With you I became someone I never thought I would be. You give me goose bumps and smiles that always keeps me happy. I love every part of you as I never really had to fit in with you. I dream of you and me together and always believed that you are the best part of life. I consider that you are a part of me in everything I do and every dream that I chase.

I smile every time we message or talk and even waiting for you has become one of my best job. I hardly remember any dark days in between this feels like a match made in heaven, something so so perfect that it seemed unreal at times, yet here we are living this every day for real.

You are there with that beautiful smile and unbounded love. I just wanted to see you smile, every morning, evening and night and what ever comes in between. I guess there can never be anyone like you. When I first saw you smile it was a special moment, I remember my heart beating faster. I remember how I was falling for you every moment. I remember thinking she is just way too beautiful, I could feel the energy rushing out from your soul that was so pure.

I always wanted to spend more and more time with you, talk to you, see you and treasure each moment of being with you. When we first met we didn’t get to talk much but I relive the brief moment we had on your roof top. There you were talking and sharing everything and there I was lost in your eyes, just watching you talk. It’s not that I didn’t listen, its just that everything was being kept inside my brain with your expressions saved along with it. I remember everything of that moment with the talks about how we started talking and how glad we were to meet each other. We talked about your life and how it turned out, we were small and just got to know each other but we were closer than ever. You trusted me to share your side, I just allowed myself to fly. We had the comfort and the care, a love that was hidden but for there to share.

Love is so hard to find, and I was confused about my feelings should I go for it or should I just let it go. I never really wanted to loose you or harm you in anyway. I was nervous and stuck in this emotional bridge, it was a moment I couldn’t express myself. I kept it inside and smiled, promised myself I’ll take care for you and be the unspoken love in your life.

That itself was a journey, I gave up my feelings and my desire just to see you rise. I always looked after you passively and talked when we could. I was now was confident she is someone I care and not just attracted to, we kept the feeling pure from the heart.  With everything great there is a phase, we had a long phase where we stopped talking, you had your life and you were living it. I was away with my own struggles. Sometimes I wandered did we forget one another, but I felt that was not the case. I just gave time it’s space and tried talking when I could. There were some small short exchanges and some exchanges that lasted few days. We didn’t talk the whole day, but we talked enough just to understand our phase and life. Maybe that was a break to teach us life and value each day. The day we started talking years had gone by, guess we matured after all these years and are grateful for one another. Slowly we expressed our feelings, maybe I did first or she asked me first. This time we respected each other and our love and bond grew deeper. I remember your eyes when you see me, it always felt so good knowing one of the most beautiful thing in the world is searching for me. You make my everyday so special, those innocent eyes, beautiful smile and those hairs you keep playing with.

I got yo know her more during this phase, all her stories and experience made me love you even more and understand how much you care. We talk to each other almost whole day and night. Even when we don’t we are always in that moment of love, in that moment of happiness. You are the last person I see at night and first person I see in the morning. I cannot describe what you brought in my life, the feelings, the love, the care and most importantly the wish to be better. I always wish to be with you and always wish to love you more.

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