Bato – A road to death

Welcome to the world of “ROAD TO DEATH,” a gripping tale predominantly set against the scenic backdrop of Nepal. The narrative unfolds primarily on the highways, perfectly aligning with its genre as a heart-pounding Road Thriller. The central focus of the film revolves around the compelling journeys of three key characters – Komal, Tony, and […]

Bottlers Nepal

The Bottlers Nepal Limited Group specializes in the production, manufacturing, distribution, and supply of a wide range of carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, and packaged drinking water. These high-quality products are offered under renowned brand names such as Coca-Cola®, Sprite®, Fanta®, Coke Zero®, and Kinley®. In addition to my involvement with the Bottlers Nepal Limited […]

Herveda Botanicals

Herveda Botanicals is an esteemed natural skincare brand that offers scientifically formulated, luxurious, and highly effective products crafted from Himalayan herbs and the latest innovations in the skincare industry. Their products have been the result of more than four years of dedicated research and development (R&D) focused on the medicinal and aromatic plants of Nepal, […]


For an extended period, travel and storytelling have been predominantly influenced by tourists, neglecting the voices of local communities and exploiting their heritage. Resonate’s mission is to rectify this imbalance by fostering local pride as a community’s most sustainable asset. Resonate provides a platform for local individuals to share their stories, allowing narratives to emerge […]

Pokhara Enduro

Pokhara Enduro Race (#POE) involves a community of locals and overseas volunteers to initiate, build and maintain enduro mountain biking trails in the foothills of the beautiful Pokhara valley in Nepal. The first round of identifying and developing the routes began in January 2020 when more than ten trail builders and riders from Singapore, Malaysia, […]

Himalayan Disaster

When Earthquake hit Nepal, we knew the relief management here was broken, so me and my team created disaster management system that helped people know where, when and what helps are required. Thus Himalayan Disaster was born The biggest problem everyone had was coordinating between these different groups of people and resources on how to […]

Ktm Drive

I feel proud to have got the oppurtunity to work with ktmDrive. In this project, I learned new things about designing, css fixing which I normally would not do. I always loved the minimal designs and here I got to experiment with it. I enjoyed getting out of zombie programming mode to make something beautiful […]

Blue Horn

This was office project at KaziStudios, done by me and Poojan Shrestha. It is an app for the Dipankha walkathon 2013, held in Nepal. It was created to view the path in map along with your friends location, the news updates about the event and sharing your location. * Offline route map with destinations including […]