The changing instance of Google

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The changing instance of google

A few years back we all were so attached with google. Every search we did, every emails we sent, every chat we had, and every website we opened was done through google. Android was a new playground for the geeks and a super phone for the ordinary. It seemed everything google did was right, they were the super hero to every one around. They gave us new hopes with technology, it seemed like nothing is impossible with google. Coming back to the present, where does google stand?

GTalk one of my favourite google app is dead (I never recovered from it, I hated google a lot for doing it), google reader (one of the best) dead, google buzz (one of the coolest) dead, google glass (which gave me a new hope in technology) dead. Google Hangouts is gonna be closed soon. All the projects that excited me has been dead. Android, a platform that I loved a lot is still filled with bugs, the features gets removed. Google why the fuck did you remove google now for Nepal? Why do I have to restart my phone just to open a camera? and I bought nexus to get continuous support and updates not just one. I am not a chrome user, but from what I have heard its got filled with bloat and keeps on crashing. So what are google doing? They are trying to force everyone into their platform. They released inbox an alternative for Gmail but its only available in chrome, not in Firefox grr. Things are getting integrated into their platform and slowly I guess they’ll start removing support for third-party app. Doing such thing was the downfall of Microsoft, so where is google heading?

Google’s main strength is the developers, Apple has a big loyal fan base, so does Microsoft but google was loved by people for their innovation and freedom. Currently, google is killing both of them, slowly things are moving away from google, Firefox has switched to yahoo as their default search engine, Bing is getting powerful, and my favourite DuckDuckGo has brought huge impact in terms of search engine. People are migrating back to Firefox (I don’t know why they left it in the first place though), android fan boys like me are getting continuously frustrated with the instability and features being cut off. Every new google feature that comes out has huge restrictions and uncertain future. With Microsoft switching to open source and the release of their holo lens technology, google has some catching up to do and they have competitors all over their services.

It is fair to say that google gave people new hope in technology, their android platform, google glass every thing sounded too good to be true, people went to cloud 9 but since then there has just been drop in terms of satisfaction. It has given its followers a huge depression. You can argue that at least IOS users do not have any expectation, they know they can’t do anything with their device. Google users were made to believe they can do anything, they have the power everyone started celebrating just to know the power has been taken back. It’s like taking a kid to candy shop and showing him different candy and promising to buy him one. Only in the end to tell him you can’t. So google sort it out or people are gonna leave you.

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