Designer and Developer

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Designer and Developer are in a constant love-hate relationship in technology field. They both have an equal significance in terms of the final product. It’s even said “Design with out functionality is like a sports car without the engiene”, similarly there is another saying “Function is nothing without beauty”. So it is essential for any product to have both the component in balanced manner, so why the love-hate relationship? It’s because both parties do not care much about each others platform, designers will design and developers will develop, however they do not consider the others’ work to be of high importance.

Designers love to create things and innovate. They make the complex functionality look simple in terms of the eye of the user. On the other hand developers are creative as well, they do their best to come up with solutions for problems that don’t exist yet. Theoretically, combining these two should give you super powers but in real world it’s the conflict of interest and vision. Designers are more concerned with the look and feel of the website and make life harder for developers while developers are focused on making the website more functional rather than perfecting the look and feel. However, after this gap is bridged, the final product comes out to be exceptionally beautiful and functional which is a win for the end user.

The two do meet in terms of ideas and planning where both show off their skills and creativity to make a product unique and easy to function. “Make user work less” is the motto both carries and they work hard enough to fulfill that. They are like the two sides of the coin working and functioning together, each holding one another’s back except for the time when there is coin toss and both try to come on top of the other.

Even with all these love-hate relationship and conflict of interest, designer and developer remain one of the closest team member of any project, both trying to fight their way to the top but still supporting the other one when required. They are the core creative people that loves different part of the product.

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