Expectations??? Is it Good

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In life we have to go through many challenges and obstacles. We strive to fulfill our expectations, and also other’s expectations. The sad part of life is it may not always be fulfilled. A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.
Expectations brings on pressure, the forceful need to perform. Everyone is good at something, but attempt for perfection is what spoils it. Not everyone can achieve everything, but not everyone is ready to accept that. Life is a struggle, your parents expect things from you, your teachers expects you to perform, your friends expect few things, even the society will expect things from you and on top of that our never satisfying heart. The worst part of expectation is the grief and pain that comes when we don’t fulfill it.
Every expectation has a source, and that source pressurizes us to perform else punishments or consequences will overtake the emotional state of a person. A student is expected to score every time they write an exam. Parents and teachers pressurizes them, and if they fail they get emotionally stressed and go on to drinking, smoking, or drugs. They even go on to attempt suicide. That’s what expectations and pressure can bring to human being, its not the case only for students, for every human role, there are lots of expectations. Son, father, Daughter, Mother, Staff, Boss, every role a human can have. “Feeling like one has not lived up to his or her high expectations or those of another” is one of the major cause of suicide. Is human life the price to pay for expectations??? You either loose yourself or kill yourself when you fail to live up to expectations.
So, expectation is it just a way to hurt yourself? Well its better to have a hope to live rather than expectations, it certainly makes shoulders lighter. Also I believe a person can perform better if he is allowed space and freedom, rather than pressure and expectations. When we have expecatations, a part of mind is always stuck on thinking the outcome and the need to succeed, where as a free mind can work with out fear and they can think awesome ideas.
So, I guess we’ve all heard ” If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed”. Well its not realistic in my case, cause we humans will always have expectations in life, thus we can say there were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations. Expectations will always be part of life, whether we like it or not, its essential we use it as a strength rather than weakness. When you don’t meet your expectations, don’t be a whiner, just accept the reality and just remember how awesome you are.
Life is beautiful, if you just let it run. Work smart, never back down, keep trying, keep challanging, keep working, lower the expecatations, accept reality and try to live for the moment.

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