I wish I could think simple

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There was a time when adding two number would just be (a + b), but as I grew up I learnt to check what format are those two numbers in and if they can be added or not, if not why. This is how complicated everything has been for me. Any problem or any decision I need to make, my mind starts cycling through the possibilities of what can happen and what not. Not only that, it even starts to think of the things that may be occur.

With age came the maturity they say, yeah I have been better at analyzing things and working out relations but everything is just a thought out process for me. My min over thinks even the smallest of issues, which actually leads to debates and bad situations. Sometimes I just wanna tell my brain, relax its just two numbers add it, but then again somewhere inside me there is an urge to check the numbers, trying to handle all the situations.

It’s hard to enjoy when you start to analyze things, since there is always something wrong at the end of it. In daily life these things do take a lot of toll. You wake up trying to enjoy, but you just cannot. What seems to be the simplest of things for the most is like a problem for me. Maybe I over react to situations, but the dream of being a perfectionist has started to catch me. Sigh! sometimes I just wish I could add those two numbers…..

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