Install ionCube Loader Using The Atomic Yum Repository

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What is IonCube?
ionCube was created in 2002, and gave developers tools to protect software written in the PHP programming language from being viewed, edited and ran on unlicensed computers. The tools use a technique of compiling the bytecode prior to encoding so that the source code is eliminated, and runtime overheads are reduced. A PHP extension called the ionCube Loader handles the reading and execution of encoded files at runtime.

1. Search Atomic Repository For ionCube Loader RPM Package:
sudo yum whatprovides *ioncube*

2.Install Atomic Yum Repository On Linux:
wget -q -O – |sh
enter yes when prompted

3. Install PHP ionCube Loader On Linux Server:
yum install php-ioncube-loader

4. Restart httpd Service
service httpd restart

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