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“Almost every person who uses technology in today’s world uses or has used something that is Linux powered”

We have been promoting use of Linux though out NOSK programs, we even had installation session. Most people have Linux as a Dual Boot option (well even I do mostly for Football Manager and Photoshop). However, I don’t know how much of people are actually using linux OS on daily basis, trying to learn and explore. Linux is indeed a very powerful software, and I don’t know about the designers, but as a programmer Linux feels really smooth to use, programming in it feels professional. Windows in my laptop crashes too frequently for my liking and I rarely run it. If you still want to know why use linux and why it is important to learn it, well I hope this article can remove your doubts.

I guess we all now know most of the web servers are Linux, because of its speed and stability. So by learning to program in it you can learn in real work environment, how to maintain it. Knowledge of Linux is a plus point for job point of view too. Most colleges in India have now started to teach their students in Linux. Linux commands are almost similar for all the platforms, well it is same only there are some commands for installing and updating applications. So, once you learn it and go for job, it becomes really easy to adapt. I usually hear about the excuse Linux is hard and is for geeks only. The newer versions have become so easy to use, I’d even say its easier than Windows. I’ve installed Linux everywhere in my home and my dad and sister, they use it without problem. I’m sorry to say but if you still think Linux is hard, you better give up on computers.

This is the time to enhance our knowledge and using windows and paying Huge bills for Micro Soft(ware) is not gonna help you in future. Linux is full of choices from large number of distributions to many desktop environments. You have all the applications you’ll ever need and almost all of them are free (yay). Linux is a Community Relationship, not a Customer Relationship. Linux is made my thousands of developers around the world and the OS update keeps rolling every 6 months for most of distribution. Playstation, Android Mobiles, Facebook-Google and many other websites are running in Linux. The ATM machines and most devices you use are Linux.

So look around you, the technology is Linux. So why should we be left behind? Learn the thing, use it daily. Celebrate some freedom, and enjoy the limitless configuration and customization. Along with that learn to program in it and learn to customize it, the companies will be looking for people who have adequate knowledge in Linux. So its benefit all around.

“Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux”

“I don’t normally open windows, but when I do it crashes..”

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