Starting a Start up

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Starting a Start up is taking a first step towards your dream. However the decision is never too easy, you are leaving all your stable elements including job for it. You have that fear within you about how things will go, where your investments and sweats will move. However trusting the instinct inside I went ahead and opened up my dream start up.

The initial month was busy month spent on finding a space, painting and decorating it. During the same hour there was process of building a strong team and gelling with each other. It’s a tiring yet unforgettable experience, to build a work space you dream of. You have this excitement running wild inside you to get started, but one of the main element of start up is patience. Lots of start ups are killed because of lack of plans and not understanding the importance of small details.

It was a new experience for me to move from development field to well everything, you are the developer, you are the manager, you are the financial planner and you are the role model that your staffs follow. I have been known to act without a care, joke around and get lazy. Now I can still do it but it has to be done professionally and in limited amount.

I had to sacrifice lot of comfort and stability for this, and to be honest there has been hard times plenty of times. Sometimes you get so stressed out and frustrated but the team and belief keeps you moving on. It is really important to have people that care around you, as you need them every moment.

What I have learned is that start ups are never started for financial gain, it is your step towards your dream. It is always too late to do the start up, cause it is a sense of instability that you want to over come. Not taking the risk and waiting for the moment will make you loose all the great parts and struggle of start ups. When ever you come up with an idea you have to move on and you have to take the step, it’s not about how much you’ll earn it’s more about what can you achieve and how much it changes you. You start being social, you start making plans, you brain storm ideas, cause in start ups it’s not only about experience its about adapting and innovating every second.

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