Technology in 2017

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Technology is always changing every moment, every second. People are constantly working on to improve things, bring new features out. 2016 saw the debut of VR technology with Oculus and Playstation VR headsets. Then there are upcoming smart machines such as The Barisieur, a coffee making alarm clock. The motto of technical world is ‘Keep Innovating’, as a giant can fall instantly if they cannot fulfill the market trend. iPod has been declining, so has cd/dvds. It will be hard for them to continue unless there are some new trends in 2017. Finally, the games such as ‘pokeman go’ has been rising uphill and people have been more concerned about internet privacy than before. So what will be the technology in 2017?

So, what will 2017 bring? Well for one it can be one of the most fun and innovative year after a long time, with VR headsets being common and being used frequently for games, movies and even communication. The smartphone sales might fall in 2017 after a long time of capturing market. After the debut of VR headsets and pokeman go’s success the technology might make a shift in 2017, the games and applications will be more connected to the users using these technologies. Smartphones will slowly start to move out of fashion, however wearable technologies might be gaining a whole new level and get bigger.

In terms of software world, the privacy issue will be much more stronger, with more people adapting to TOR networks, using more apps that keep you anonymous or don’t track you. However, there will still be people that do not care, and 2017 might not be the year where people fight for the right to be forgotten on web, well mostly cause people are still not aware and don’t see it as a big deal. However, the integration of VR and AR will see the software making it’s way into a whole new market and it’ll be amazing to see the new possibilities that arises from it.

All in all, 2017 seems to be the year of virtual reality and augmented reality, with many more starting to adapt it, it might not be as successful in terms of development, but it promises to be a great year in terms of experiences.

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