The Apple Keynote 2012 – My Reactions

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So Apple finally launched iphone 5 with hosts of features, were Apple Kidding? Well the phone is thinner, lighter and bigger (4 inch with resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels). They have used Apple A6 processor which is said to be 2x faster than A5. Pixel density and memory remains same at 326 ppi and 1GB. The Camera remains the same with better image processing. And they have ditched their old connector for a new smaller one called Lighting (which will force users to buy extra cable for docking speakers, car connectors which ships on October). So thats about it the changes? Oh ya I forgot an important component, bigger screen means an extra space for icons. So you have an extra row to add apps on your screen. (Yay)

Well iphone 5 does ship iOS 6. Apple has been working on its own maps system after ditching Google Maps. It has turn-by-turn navigation, search Engiene (which isn’t a new thing if you were using Google Maps) and there is info cards with reviews and photoes (again nothing new for Google Map). Then there is dropdown notification system which looked too much like the one in Android but has post tweet and post fb status option (Patent System seriously? compare google maps with iOS map and android notification with iOS notification). Well moving on, Siri has gone smarter learning new language and also can give information about sports, movies, launch application, tweet. Another Social Network Facebook has been integrated to iOS 6 with calender and FB events and birthday. Safari has new iCloud tabs that syncs across your devices, again which was already done by Chrome in Android. Mail app has a VIP features that allows us to mark individuals as VIP : So all their mail go there. Photo Stream has been added to share photoes easily. These are some of the features you have on you iOS 6 which isn’t a new thing for Android Users though,but iOS 6 ladies and gentleman.

The music players also had some changes, iPod Nano 7 was launched with larger display and with 7 colors and matching background :P. They are integrated with bluetooth and looks a hell lot better than iPod nano 6. The 5th generation iPod Touch has 5MP camera with autofocus and flash. It also gets siri and 4 inch display. The iPod shuffle gets color will get updated (yay?) to match colors of iPod nano. Now its time to say Hello iTunes, new interface with iCloud synce and iphone n ipod sync capabilities :O.

Finally, Apple talked about its “earbuds”, something thats designed to fit comfortably to everyone’s ear with great sound. “EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear”(seriously? I would never have guessed that). Then there were Foo Fighters on stage, the best part of the event I guess.

In conclusion, I wasn’t much impressed and if your are not blind apple Fanboy I guess you wouldn’t too. Apple didn’t bring anything new to the table. Faster processor expected, thinner and lighter its been going on with latest iphone being thinner and lighter than its predecessor. So whats new from the company that says “Think Different”. The company that calls them the “innovators”. What are they providing better than other android devices and even windows phones? What remarkable change has been made to make people to say hey I am upgrading my iphone from 4S to 5? All in all I guess iphone 5 has been disappointing… I’d like to know what Apple FanBoys have to say to this.

Note: these are my observations, correct me if I am wrong and I’d also like to hear about Patent System of how iOS Notification is innovation, how safari sync across different devices is different from chromes. And Maps? or does Patent only lies in rounded corner?

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