Restore –asroot for Yaourt/makepkg Arch (yaourt as root)

Yaourt as root Introduction Since pacman 4.2 when running yaourt as root user you get error message. It was really a horrifying experience for me as I run my system as root user. Switching to another user just to run yaourt was not feasible for me. Also adding switch user alias wasn’t good solution for […]

Arch Linux Installation and Post-Install Customization

Arch Linux Installation and Post-Install Customization After using Fedora for 7 years it was time for a change, I wanted something light and fast that also gave me some geeky feeling. Then came Arch Linux, it has awesome installer, has no boaltware, and its all about DIY. So here goes my arch linux lnstallation and […]

Fedora fix Multilib version problems

Fedora fix Multilib So here is fedora fix multilib problem. I had run yum update in terminal, when my laptop shutdown abnormally, causing the update to be interrupted. After rebooting and running the update again, i ran across this problem Multilib version problems found. This often means that the root cause is something else and […]

Git ad-hoc sharing of repository

Initially in your server computer(computer having git repo) say A, edit your gitconfig file vi ~/.gitconfig add the following [alias] serve = !git daemon –reuseaddr –verbose –base-path=. –export-all –enable=receive-pack ./.git save it. now determine your computer’s ip-address via ifconfig to enable push run the following command git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore note the ip address of […]