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I feel proud to have got the oppurtunity to work with ktmDrive. In this project, I learned new things about designing, css fixing which I normally would not do. I always loved the minimal designs and here I got to experiment with it. I enjoyed getting out of zombie programming mode to make something beautiful like logos, tshirt design and website design. Along with that, I got to be part of something good, and be part of change which I always wanted.

KtmDrive is a group working individuals , professionals who have come together by forming a group. We are working in social fronts – events at old age home, orphanages, street kids , differently capable kids and also for a Greener Kathmandu by conducting various plantation events at schools, giving out free tree saplings to the public by distributing them in malls, giving clothes & foods to needy and making our city the best place to live .

Website: http://ktmdrive.com

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smjrifle.ktmdriveapp

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