How to install OS in Raspberry Pi

You can download image files from here. You can also use other images. Now after you have downloaded the zip file, extract “.img” file inside it Then from Linux run the following command: “dd if=/path-to-img-file of=/dev/sdX” ex: “dd if=archlinux-hf-2012-09-18.img of=/dev/sdb” Replacing sdX with the location of the SD card, it can be found out by […]

Run Vlc Player as Root

1. Open vlc binary in a hex editor ghex /usr/bin/vlc [yum install ghex] 2. Now search for the following string geteuid by using find, type the string to be searched on right hand side; You’ll see something like geteuid._libc_start_main 3. Replace the string as getppid so it looks like getppid._libc_start_main 4. Save and close and […]

How to Auto mount partitions on boot in Fedora

Open Terminal Login as root, by typing “su –” (without quotes) Now type in blkid Output will be similar to: /dev/sda5: LABEL=”File” UUID=”01CCCE1FC7BA38C0″ TYPE=”ntfs” note down the UUID of the disk you want to mount Now again in terminal type “gedit /etc/fstab” or “vi /etc/fstab” and in the editing window add /dev/disk/by-uuid/[UUID of Partition] /mnt/[Name […]