How to install OS in Raspberry Pi

Try Fast Read

You can download image files from here. You can also use other images.

Now after you have downloaded the zip file, extract “.img” file inside it
Then from Linux run the following command:
“dd if=/path-to-img-file of=/dev/sdX”
ex: “dd if=archlinux-hf-2012-09-18.img of=/dev/sdb”
Replacing sdX with the location of the SD card, it can be found out by ls /dev/sd* usually they are sdb
Note: The contents of the sd card will be erased, so make sure you give the right path else your disk will be erased

After the task is completed (it will take several minutes), you’ll get output similar to
3862528+0 records in
3862528+0 records out
records in must be equal to records out

Now remove SD card from pc, connect it to your pi and boot from it 🙂 halla you got ur Pi running 😀

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