Friends are part of life

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We meet many people in life, some stay most leave however there are some that are just part of your life. Friends are the one who doesn’t question you and just move with you, they are with you whether you are right or embarrassingly wrong. You might get busy or lost in life, but the people that care about you are never too far, they appear when you need them the most and expect them the least.

I am glad to have such people in my life, my #JackAss bros, we have shared all the ups and downs in life. Though we might not get to talk everyday, but once we see each other the life just seems to stop. We get lost in between our memories while building new ones. We all have grown mature in our own fields and got busy in our own ways but that doesn’t stop us from being there for one another. There are three most important group in life, your family, your love and the friends you shared every moment with. Yeah, you meet new people and make new friends but the ones that were there when you were understanding the life become the part of your life.


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Every one has that group of friends who are just the part of their life, and those ones are rarely made. These are the group that has seen you from your highest point to the lowest, you first love to your first tattoo, your first drink to your first goal. They have always been your part of life that knows the smallest details of you, they will stay there without any selfishness and bring you that utmost joy when you need it.

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