Growing Up Geek

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Geek – The word geek is a slang term, with different meanings ranging from “a computer expert or enthusiast”
We all have a story on how our life headed towards something, how we started to fall in love with the word called “Computer”. Back, in the days when I was a kid I used to be zero in computers, all I did was play some 2D games. I didn’t even knew the meaning of installwhen it came on screen. I was moked by my friends cause I didn’t knew anything. I first PC was a Pentium-IV Desktop Computer with 40 gb HDD and 128 mb Ram. Everything was new to me, I still remember my sister teaching me to browse the internet, except back then I thought that only those websites that comes under suggestion were available. I used to be blamed whenever the computer had any problem. Slowly, I started to develop curosity and enthusiasm for computers. I started doing research on it via internet, of how things work. My brother Pratik Joshi was the reason for me trying some graphical softwares, we were just playing with photoes on photoshop at his home, and guess what I was amazed to see its beauty.
I never took any classes, all I did was follow my enthusiasm and try out all the menus and settings, slowly I started small programming in DOS. Then slowly [dot]net, c++ creeped into my blood. I started developing few softwares, but I still lacked behind in web developments. Then I met this guy called Xtranophilist, who influenced me into web developments. I slowly started with PHP and some javascripts. Then I never looked back, my life had changed. I was in love with the word called computers, I was always reading about something new. I started reverse engineering, It required huge dedication to understand the things, first thing i reverse engineered was “Mystrycase File : Huntville” took me 30 full hours, I was glued to computer all along that time.
By now, I had gained concepts of manythings and I was still trying to learn. Yeah, the learning never stops, even today I learn many things each day. So by my experience I can say, enthisiasm makes you learn many things in life. You got to have hunger to know things and you got to have patience to try things. A different kind of thinking is needed to code. We all learn each day, but we must remember learning new language is of no use, unless it enables you to think differently. You got to have plans of solving a problem, then an approach to solve it, and its requirements and you have to work in organized manner.

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