Fourth Dimension – A myth or a reality???

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Fourth Dimension is supposed to be a prependicular line drawn to the three dimension we live in our life, namely length, width and height. It is practically an impossible case and we are believed to be stuck in the world of three dimension. There are other dimensions available too, but due to our limit we find it difficult to visualize it. However relating to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we often call time the fourth dimension. It has stated curvature of space, which basically means if you keep on travelling in the same direction through the universe, you will eventually arrive back at your starting point.Also by using Lorenz equation we can say length contracts as speed increases; time expands as speed increases. Then we can say when the objects are at rest, they are only moving in the time dimension and when they start moving, their velocity increases in the three space dimensions, and therefore it slows down in the time dimension.

Thus, time, like space, is a dimension in itself, and objects can transverse it in a similar way as they do through the third dimension. However it differs from other space directions in such a way that we can move forward and backward in space, but in case of time we are moving in only one direction that is forward. It can be implemented by the fact that we can go back to the distance from where we came; but we can never go back at that time or past.So time is taken as a unique dimension that has some effect in life continuously but cannot be visualized easily. The difficulty to visualize time as fourth dimension comes from the fact that we can only sense in our world. For example if we take our world to be a two dimensional; then we can only move up or down and left or right it will be difficult to imagine the way we can work in third dimension. Similarly, the “Time” – the fourth dimension here is a visually locked phenomenum that can only be imagined.

Every event in the universe can be located in the four-dimensional plane of space and time. Even Writings can create personal universes in which this events inside space-time operates for the reader. The reader can be regarded as a co-creator. Write writes the words from his world at his speed, while reader picturizes it creating his own world and speed. So time connects objects and spaces on a temporal path, thus creating a new spatial dimension. Since we are not living in a 4D world its really difficult to imagine the fourt dimension. Like the growth of plant is really slow, they are growing each day by a small amount but we can only notice it after the change is visible. To think about spacetime we can assume two observers in motion relative to each other, and differently situated with respect to gravitational masses. They each carry a clock of identically similar construction and function. Then, the point of view of each observer will generally be that the other observer’s clock is in error.

Hence, fourth Dimension is occuring in our daily lives but is not noticiable and practically cannot be experienced. It is almost impossible to experience it in our real life without the use of assumptions. However, this time dimension can be used as a measure to compare different action taking place and it is the reason why most of the theories of physics are derived from it. It can’t be properly imagined by us, similar to creatures living in 3d can’t imagine us.

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