Windows 8 vs Linux – Is this the new beginning for Linux?

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“People’s excuse for not using Linux was, am used to windows. now that windows 8 changed it, can this be the year of linux or will ppl make another one excuse”

With windows 8, microsoft has killed off its traditional interface. The start button has been removed, and is replaced by Morden UI Interface which I believe is painful for keyboard and mouse. This must be one of the biggest risk taken by microsoft. From my experience I came to know that people don’t like changes, especially on the UI. With windows 8, people now have to learn to use the windows.

So why Linux? I went across ubuntu Linux’s website to find this quote “Ubuntu 12.10 can help you avoid the pain of Windows 8”. 2012 brought lots of improvements to Linux, they are on par with windows in terms of features and even bullies windows on few fronts. There are so many flavours of Linux and desktop environment of your choice, thats vastly customizable. Linux is now so easier to use, has so many awesome features and you don’t have to worry about those pesky viruses. Stream is starting its support for linux while many hardware vendors and gaming industries are starting to build support for it too.

However even with so many advantages, people will still stick with windows, they can find excuses everywhere. I believe its only time MS stops support for Win7 in order to boost its sale of Win8. They don’t like change so maybe they will continue with win7, using outdated softwares but I do believe some people will be switching the platform being fustrated with windows 8 and the frequent crashes. I personally used windows 8 for few hours, it was buggy. The features came in middle while working on other tast. The sad face blue screen too greeted me.

So can 2013 be the new begining for Linux? Now with all these support coming. With mobile phone rising, Ubuntu announcing a phone and linux getting easier, friendlier and more beautiful. Linux will continue to offer choices be it with distos, be it with desktop environment. Linux surely raised few eyebrows in 2012 and with windows 8 released to fustrate users and make them change their traditional ways, will linux make use of this oppertunity is a thing to be seen. I hope people will make the right choice and choose freedom rather than a boundry.

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