Is Google doing Justice with Nexus

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Android 4.4 was announced by google on Oct 31, 2013 targeting next billion devices. It is expected to work well on low end devices with only 512MB of RAM. So it means all devices will get Kitkat (Android 4.4) right? Well not quite, its more of like “We have optimized Android so it’ll run on cheap, entrylevel phones! But fuck Galaxy Nexus, that shit aint getting no KitKat” and the reason is Galaxy Nexus has completed its support of 18 months. Now, I know about custom ROM’s and all that, however is google justifying Nexus? One and half years of support, so that almost means one version update. Galaxy Nexus was running 4.0.4 IceCreamSandwich and it got update till JellyBean (4.3). Nexus S got update till 4.1.2 from Gingerbread 2.3 that is two new Roms.

So Nexus “a device for developers” has lifespan of just 18 months, its like you will get the next version of OS update first, after that bid your device goodbye. Even iOS 7 was released for iPhone 4 which is 2.5 years old and iphone 3GS got iOS 6. Buying a nexus, I expect atleast 2-2.5 years of support. Not all of us can buy a new phone every year, one buys a phone to run for atleast 2 years on average on developing country like ours. Google should be giving more love to these nexus devices, not to mention the increasing level of android fragmentation.

So what really makes nexus different from other ROM’s if its support is so limited. Samsung Galaxy S2 which came with 2.3 (GingerBread) got updates till 4.1 (JellyBean) so I see no special support for nexus by google. I know the android developer’s community will work their socks off to run 4.4 on Galaxy Nexus, and all for free. So google, why can’t you just update the device. Thanks to the android community Old Galaxy S is running 4.3. If it wasn’t for the android community, I doubt if more people will get to use the newer versions of OS. Google is not working on reducing its fragmentation, infact its increasing more and more. With every new version there will be more fragmentation, just because not everyone can buy a new phone everytime. Many galaxy nexus owners (around 14000) signed on petition asking google to update their beloved device to 4.4, i know it won’t change a thing (hope google proves me wrong here) they will just come up with some explanation and that will be the end of story. So google just take a moment and look at nexus and other device update history and ask yourself are you doing justice with Nexus tag?

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