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This project is dedicated to my dad Mr. Kedar Man Joshi who has always been my inspiration and my idol.

Mero Sano Katha starts with the little stories we make and lessons we learn from all the even and odd experiences of life we go through. We believe, these stories, may be of happiness, sadness, joy or pain have their own importance in our life and surviving them proves us a human. And that makes a story to tell.

So, we are trying to collect all those little memories that gave us smile or taught us lessons or sometime left us confused with blank conscience. And who knows, those stories of ours can sometime add a smile on a face or possibly help someone on the same boat live a happy life.

We call Mero Sano Katha a web-friend, our friend in Internet, to whom we can share our little stories and trust us, Mero Sano Katha respects your identity privacy and always will.

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