My interaction with pi and arduino

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Most of my life has gone by interacting with software that included writing codes, building up ideas and connecting them, storing data in databases. It was something I always enjoyed and I felt alive with the new challenges that kept coming it. Then one day during my time at Kazi Studios I got to work on with @Samarpan on a project code-named ‘Smart Maka’ meaning smart monkey. Then came my interaction with pi and arduino.

We started off with Arduino, I was doing most of the software part but slowly the hardware love got into me. You could actually feel, hear your creation. I slowly started to look over the connections and learning them. We had an Arduino and Raspberry pi, we initiated interaction with them and saw many possibilities. We smashed our old landline and took out the buzzer and started playing mario, smoke on the water, we got the motion detector running to turn on lights, then there was RGB light, temperature sensor. I slowly started to figure out those connections.

I slowly started to realize and understand the different components and their use. Then the next level was to create a good product casing, we started with cardboard box, then wodden box, acrylic materials everything was so fun to plan out. With softwares you are mostly working with data, but here you were actually planning out how your product is gonna look, how you are gonna use the light and the components.

My interaction with pi and arduino has certainly been a fun, I am now able to create my own geeky devices. I can make batman’s logo and eye shine, or create a beeping sound when people come near my room. All these have been fun interactive methods and I am looking forward to creating and packaging my first hardware product.

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