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What is Reset The Net?

Reset the Net, (Fight for Future) is an effort to preserve internet rights and privacy. On June 5th 2013, Edward Snowden revelaed a shocking information that NSA spies on all the people, their email, phone calls, chat logs, and everything you do on internet. So, a year after that we are fighting to protect our rights. Reset the net is a global event running all around the world today, to protest against mass surviellence and raising awareness to people.

Why does it matter to me?

Your rights matter beacause you don’t know when you are going to need them. Just because you have nothing to hide doesn’t mean you want anyone snooping while you browse the Web. Our data is used by third party for commercial purpose. You click a link on facebook and accept the dialog box without thinking, you search for random stuffs in google and don’t care where your datas are being sent.If you search a book on Amazon, NSA can see all your information, have no encryption. When you go from one website to another, even from google search, all your personal datas – name, age, gender, location, time of visit, search query, everything you can think of and everything you can’t is sent to the website and voila, they own all your datas. There is Zero Privacy for Non-Americans using US Service Providers! “The federal government has been secretly collecting information on foreigners overseas for nearly six years from the nation’s largest Internet companies like Google, Facebook and, most recently, Apple,..

Wait So what can I do?

In this world, there are always superheros that protect you and in this case it’s you. Start using and supporting services that DO NOT TRACK you. They provice same level of functionality and maybe some even better. It’s not too late, start working for your right and support the campaign. The popular services and safety tips are on second page.

Cool, Can I participate?

Well, This is something we all should believe and its all up to us to protect. We who have enjoyed free and open internet, It is upto us to preserve that for other generations. If we don’t stand up, if we don’t fight then we are gonna loose that. You can always participate 🙂

Tweet, Share all over the social media (FB, G+, whatever you can think of), raise the global awareness. When your friends will be secure from the surveillance and when it matters to them they will thank you

  • Join the Twitter Brigade, Tweet to all the big companies asking them to add encryption in their site so your activities cannot be tracked. Look here for more info:
  • Are you a radio host? Are you a TV host? -> Announce it 🙂
  • Are you a musician or performer? Shout out privacy tools from the stage.
  • Are you a student? Learn how to organize at your school, and get your school to add NSA-resistant privacy to its services.
  • Do you work in a political organization or NGO? Distribute the privacy pack to your members.
  • Use the services that don’t track you, support them. I promise you they are as good, or even better.
  • Have a blog, website? Add the splash screen to your blog/website and yeah share 🙂 to do so, put the following code in your header

What services doesn’t track me?

  • DuckDuckGo Search ( -> We all use Google, but it tracks us 🙁 how? Look here . They offer lots of awesome functionalities, and features. This is one hell of search engiene, you don’t need to google it, you can always duckduckgo it 🙂
  • Linux OS (Tails, BSD, Debian) -> Most of us are from Windows or Mac background, well there are many reasons to switch to linux, and privacy is one of them. They do offer some awesome functionalities for you. It is developed by open Source community and is available for free.
  • Firefox Browser ->Well another powerful software from open Source community, hopefully most of us already use this, if not there is another reason to use it now #Privacy. Do remember to turn on do not track in the settings, privacy though. Also this addon might be useful for you (Ghostery – Want something better? use TOR Browser
  • Mozilla ThunderBird -> Another software from Mozilla and open Source community, they offer you email client with well good privacy 🙂 and yeah this plugin Enigmail (
  • OpenStreetMaps ( ) -> I know google map is awesome and available everywhere, but if you ever want to do something without worrying about how it looks to the agents, give this a try 🙂
  • ownCloud ( ) -> Do you use cloud service to store files? Tired of being scared, if someone watches your data? Well, give this a shot 🙂
  • Pidgin Messenger ( ) -> We all love to chat, facebook, hotmail, yahoo, gmail and everywhere. What if that all were combined and also did not track? Well welcome to Pidgin Messenger 🙂 and use this plugin to encrypt chats (Off-the-Record Messaging – )

That should cover most of the daily usuage, if you want to know more visit ( )

Security Tips:

  • Use https:// instead of http:// whenever possible -> Make sure you browse https version of sites, like instead of Though these sites redirect you automatically but you get the idea
  • Limit the information you share -> Yeah we have privacy settings and stuffs, but just share the things you want everyone to know on social networks. They are stored somewhere right? Can be retrieved by NSA or government for now 🙁
  • Becareful with what you click -> The web is full of hoax, there are no easy or free methods to get something, and just remember if you are getting something for free you are the product. Your likes, +1, click on accept buttons will send your data to the developer. So be careful
  • Use services that don’t track you -> Be careful with the apps/services that you use, search at duckduckgo if the online service you are using is secure or not

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