Internet Privacy and why you should care

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We have become so much reliant on internet that all our works, daily activities, personal datas are on internet. We all trust the big companies to handle our data safely, so how is that going for us? Facebook knows everything about you, so does google, and yeah NSA too. Our data is used by third party for commercial purpose. You click a link on facebook and accept the dialog box without thinking, you search for random stuffs in google and don’t care where your datas are being sent. We ignore the fact that everyone is trying to track what you do on web, cause we just don’t feel it’s important. Well, if you think that, you have never been so wrong. If your are not paying for the product, you are the product.

How does companies get your information? When you go from one website to another, even from google search, all your personal datas – name, age, gender, location, time of visit, search query, everything you can think of and everything you can’t is sent to the website and voila, they own all your datas. Your Facebook, Twitter, Google information are collected by the government, it sounds good according to their justification, “we use these information to catch criminals”, but think about it, you are not a data center, you trust a website to secure your information but it can be used anytime against you. Where is the freedom?, where is the privacy? Yeah, it doesn’t seem important now, but how comfortable do you feel knowing someone is watching all you chats, recording all your calls. You even try to hide your some of your conversations from your family and friends.

Users shouldn’t have to fight to protect their information. What if someone hacks one of the big comapanies? What if the company changes its policies? What if good goes bad? There are lots of concerns giving out your personal information, financial information to unknown people. Well what can I do? It’s never too late to begin, Apply the security measures, use the apps that don’t track you, and well spread out. June 5 is #ResetTheInternet day, do your bit to help people protect their privacy, make them aware why it’s important. If you’re a developer, put NSA resistant technologies and encryptions, put the banner in your website and help users secure themselves by making them aware. If you are a user, follow the guidelines to secure yourself then spread out the word, sign petitions saying stop spying us, support the ones trying to help, use secure browsers like firefox and secure search engiene like DuckDuckGo. It might not be end of spying but every step counts and more people support the campaign, more pressure it builds on the big companies, your datas are yours, don’t let someone use it without your knowledge.

Support the #ResetTheNet campaign on July 5. Do your bit, tweet, share, spread the word out.

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