The Programming Logic

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People usually think the programmers are quiet, shy and bad with words. That’s cause they are innovators and carry out all possible cases before doing something. They have a habit of thinking deep, cause a poorly written code can be depressing and can destroy a planet. You gotta think like a stupidiest person and smartest person at the same time, then explain that to a machine.

People usually talk about language and platforms, a web developer, a mobile developer, system administrator, even better people develop on a particular language. I always believed programming is all about logics, about planning and considering every small details. It’s missing those small details that creates most problem, cause usually programmers just think like a machine, they need to add that human emotion in their project to make it work properly for a user. I grew up practicing everyday, I always loved playing around with codes, modifying things to make them work as I wanted them to, that’s how I built logics. I was never interested in making things beautiful (to be honest I couldn’t make them haha) but I always loved boasting about what my app could do.

I joined college hoping to build myself more, to my horror all I ever learnt there was copy-paste. There was lab manual, all we had to do was type it, in lab exams people used to practice them ‘n’ number of times and get it executed. I never liked that idea, but that’s the way it went. I went to offices, and see people playing with plugins and stuffs, the logic was no where to be seen. I started wandering, has the meaning of programming changed? Is it now playing with menus and using plugins rather than building something innovative. I questioned myself a multiple times, well finally I concluded, programming is all about whom you code for; one can program for money, or for their lover, or to solve a problem, or just for passion. You try to innovate only when you understand the value of programming, you always try to be that dramatic show off, cause you are willing to take that extra step just to make things different.

Finally, don’t just be a coder, be a real programmer play with logics not languages. Languages are just a syntax a way to communicate, like we got English, Nepali, Dutch. There is no use of learning new languages unless it enables you to think differently, but if you are able to build a logic and plan of procceding to a problem, language will never be a barrier for you.

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