Firefox – The Power House

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There was a time when IE ruled the world, people had to live through that hard and painful time. Then came Firefox to save the world from all the pain and rescue the people with its huge army and followers, Firefox stands as strong as anyone in this world. They believe in freedom and democracy and yes anyone can join and contribute to them. I know people love chrome, but think of chrome as superman staying behind for medias after doing the job and firefox as batman always working to make the web a better place but always staying in dark.

Firefox 29 brought a refined UI, Sync across devices has improved and yes the performance has improved a lot. However, the thing that makes firefox awesome is its developers and their visions. The addons make firefox a real powerful browser, I love the customization it supports, everytime I open firefox I believe I am in control. Firefox itself is really powerful, secure, but things can always be changed as per one’s living style right?

I recently came across an addon called “Vimperator”, it gives you VIM like navigation to firefox. Most powerful text editor coupled with most powerful browser, you can imagine the possibilities. Vimperator allows you to run some linux commands as well, go back n pages, quick open search to websites, Mark Websites, external editor for inputs and yes the navigation is fully supported, it just gives the browser a perfect snappy feel, be careful though you might feel like god with so much power in hand.

Next in line comes a plugin called Ubiquity, what is it? Well, Ubiquity is to Firefox what Quicksilver is to OS X, what Gnome Do is to Linux. Just press the hot key to launch ubiquity and well run commands, from twitter status update, google maps, google translate, google search, wikipedia search, open links, well lots more.. hope you got the idea. It helps to do tasks real quickly at time, without changing/opening tabs. It again makes firefox a superb geeky browser.

Now, who can live without Firebug, a must have tool for all web developers, allows you to debug, run commands and well fire bugs and hire features. Then there is private tab (not to be confused with private window/ignito window), well the concept is same as private window, but it can be opened in same window thus reducing hastle of switching windows just to open those private stuffs ;), or you can have multiple gmail session in same window. There are so many addons, powerful and useful, can’t mention all, but the above ones were different and worth a mention.
Firefox is an open platform serving human beings and dreaming of better web. Join the FireFox army, and experience the power of web with plenty of customizations and freedom.

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