Using programming techniques in day to day life

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I have been told eww programming sucks, it is scary. How can a person write so many codes??? Don’t they ever get bored? Well if you have those thoughts within you, you are taking the programming in a wrong way. Programming is an art of solving a problem, the huge lines of codes/instruction written in the screen is done by a coder (who might or might not be a programmer) and NO it’s not scary. Writing all those lines of code requires planning and breaking of complex problems into smaller ones. Can this technique be used in real life?

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Divide and conquer

We face many problems in our day-to-day life, which causes panic and loss of self-control. We spend days thinking about how to completely solve the problem rather than trying to fix what we can. People make all sorts of decisions during this time, which they may come to regret. What programming really teaches you is to remain calm during these complex situations and help you find the solutions to it by breaking it down to smaller steps. This may sound unrealistic, how can my current problem be solved by breaking it down? Well any problem has a situation, a victim and you. You got to take each one into consideration and see which needs to be solved first for others to happen. This allows you to focus on the tough task completely, generally we’d be looking to fix all three tasks without realizing they are interrelated.

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Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is another thing we can learn from programming. Any good programmer makes sure his program is easily upgradable and future proof. As a programmer, I can say that I always think way to far, my brain always starts processing the situations and what I want to do with it in future. Be it when falling in love, when buying something exciting, when going somewhere, or when wanting to gift someone something. I always think of possible reactions and try to see the best reactions. I know it does sound crazy but it does help one to focus on all aspect of a problem, one will be ready to face both positive or negative reactions.


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