Weekly DIY and Workshops

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When you start working you always think of ways to improve your skills and knowledge base, however once you start your own start up you figure out that you barely have any time to do those things. I always wanted my workspace to be different, where people get to enjoy work and also sharpen themseleves. So we decided that no matter how busy we are or what condition we will be in we will always do DIY’s and workshops on Sundays. Thus began our weekly diy and workshops in our office.

The DIYs and Workshops are fun and interactive method to build a good relation and understanding among your team. This also allows them to understand new concepts, share knowledge and get high level of interest and motivation in the work. The other advantages are the beautiful products you build during your DIY. The diy and workshop has brought new level of excitement and motivation among the team. They finish up their duties till Friday and everybody gets excited for what shall be done on Sunday Workshop and DIY.

This also helps people to divert away from their headaches and work for a day, this day everyone is much relaxed and energetic. This carries on to the next days giving them good break from their long schedule and actually bringing out a new form of energy. I have always believed that experimenting is the major way to learn, and incase of technical field this is true to huge extent. You need to keep on experimenting, trying out new things to build that motivation and knowledge and this helps people learn lot of things and actually give them a chance to grow.

The DIY and Workshops can range from technical, interactive, creative aspects of work/life. This has been a bigger success than we initially expected. The concepts, thinking and bonding has become much more greater among the team, we have build some cool products that we can use in office or even sale, and the most important part for me has been everyone enjoying and sharing knowledge.

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