What if there was no money and everything was free?

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I had a conversation with my friend about how we need people with similar voice to start something, someone who has the passion and vision to enjoy the things rather than someone who just works to earn the green. Then I started thinking what if money wasn’t invented how would the world be, will it be a better place?

Imagine a world where everyone got their basic needs for free, they could eat, sleep, travel and get anything they needed at ease. I always believed there are two types of works, one you do cause you need money and one you do cause you love it. If the money factor was turned off, people could stop wasting their time on things they don’t want to do and start working on things they love. Everyone working on the things they love would certainly give better results and products to the community. There might also be a great reduction in number of crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, murder. People would be able to enjoy their freedom, enjoy their work and just do what they always wanted to do in life, the stress of making enough money for oneself, for the family and loved ones would be taken off, and there might just be more happiness and equality among people.

However on contradict, people might just get more lazy. Let’s face it, people are selfish. If everything was free, less people would work to make the world a better place because it would not benefit them, they’d be spending their time just doing nothing and mocking people who are working. Maybe the world is developing day by day because people are just forced to work for money, during which they give their contribution in their field. There might be different kind of crimes due to jealously as some people would be working day and night while others would be just sleeping and mocking them, and they both get the same amount of food and stuffs. Plus we are so good at misusing what we have got, that we would probably destory the world. Just look at what we have done to the mother nature that is well free to use and all it requires is a bit of care.

All in all, I don’t know how this situation would impact us. It looks so good on paper but when applied to real life… maybe it has horrendous results. We do not value things that are free, we take things for granted. What do you think, how would the world shape in if everything was free, would it be a better place?


We don't need money

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