Child Psychology

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A child is really affected by his surroundings, without a happy and motivating environment one just cannot grow to his full potential. There comes a time when you become a teen and you face a big generation gap with your parents. No matter what you do, it always seems too extreme to them. We all know parents love their children a lot, but there comes a time when you have to set them free so they can find their passion and love in life. As a child grows older he/she gets more and more desperate to explorer the things around, hang around see the world with others and during this phase containing them in an environment with some set of rules just destroys their personality and mind.

The energy/passion to explore in them blows out and you can see abnormal behaviors, anger issues coming out. Yeah, parents have really tough job to monitor their child so they don’t go out of limits, but the more you try to constrain your child’s activity, more bad things he will be doing behind your back. Let child be himself when you are around, when they are of proper age drink with them, joke with them. They will be having problems in life, it might be with studies, or not fitting in a friend’s circle, they might have broken heart in love/crush, they might be feeling down cause their friend has something cool and they cannot get it. Showing frustrations and anger won’t create a happy environment nor will it stop your child from going to the wrong path. There are certain things that they cannot explain to you, but atleast let them do it infront of you. A child needs support and motivation from their parent, they look up to you when they are stuck in life and if they are scared of you they probably won’t ask for your help and just get lost in the way.

Parents should analyze the psychology of their children, just giving them things won’t help them. You have to understand why one behaves in a certain way, you have to talk to them as a friend and support them in their path, if it’s a wrong path you gotta take them out of it slowly showing them a better way, if you try to pull them out at once the string just breaks. You may think why can’t children understand a parent, it’s because they are just a child, the crazy ones, and there is constant energy driving them to different paths and they still don’t know which one is thiers.

As for me, I struggle to tell my parents why I do certain things in life. I work for passion and to feel alive, cause I love what I do and am somewhat good in it. There are works I do cause I enjoy it and it’s my small contribution to this big world. How do I explain to them that I crave for shiney new gadgets, and why I just need them. How do I explain open source to them. How do I explain to them that what I do its all about love and not about money, cause I never cared about it. Anyway, I am just happy trying to bring out a smile when people see my work, cause my dream is to contribute to my field and the world and not just my pocket.

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