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Google has been dominating search for years, and all its competitors never really got off the mark. Google has always been the meaning of search in internet, with good results and features. So, how does duckduck go compare to all those competitiors, is it here to stay? Well, it purely comes down to people’s choices and adaptability to change. What makes duckduck go unique is, it’s attacking google’s strength and turning it into it’s weakness. Internet has changed in past few years, it’s a place where all our sensitive informations exist and people want more security and control over their data.

Google and other search engienes has been collecting user statistics and datas to help improve your search result. However with the recent NSA scandal, people have started to fear for their privacy, rightfully too, why does companies collect such a large amout of information of public. That’s where duckduck go comes in, a search engiene that doesn’t track you. It’s dedicated to pure search experience, and the results are priotized giving you a good result. It gives you result from the pages you want and also provides you information peek without having to click a page (Zero-click Info), and those information are usually the information you need going by my experience. Another cool feature in duckduck go is the “big bang”. It let’s you search from a specific site right from search box easily. How? well you can just do, “watch !amazon” to search for watch in amazon, “batman !wiki” to search for batman in wikipedia, “android !so” to search in stack overflow. It just gives you more power.

DuckDuck Go uses semantic topic detection in search queries, so when you duckduck go “apple”, you are presented with tabs in your result containing “Meaning, recipie, definition, news, product”, which gives you quick access to the apple you are refering to. It also strips out garbage from search, so you get less spam and ads. Then there are duckduck go goodies, a powerful expansion to search queries. So if you duckduck go, “qrcode” it generates you qrcode for You can also generate passwords “password 6 strong”, generates strong 6 letters password. You can check weather forcast, “Is it snowing in Kathmandu?”, search twitter info of someone “@smjrifle”, everything right from the search bar. Want more, well duck duck go can detect language (detect language こんにちは), find out rhymes (rhyme smile), check nutrition in a food (nutrition in a banana), create binary of a word (smjrifle in binary), count words, letters occurance, check your ip address, useragent, meaning of corntab scripts and much more. You can check out all duckduckgo goodies here .

Duckduck Go seems to be a real serious competitior to google, it has beautifully designed search and some unique features, what’s more? duckduck hack is always working to create new features fo it. I have been using duckduck go for few months now, and to be honest I don’t miss google, I get information I need with ZERO-CLICK, no ads and have no fear of typing anything in my search box, plus their goodies has always been good to me. It’s success really depends upon people’s awareness of why one should care about your personal information being leaked. However, duckduck go has really hit the search by strom and I support their philosophy. I love freedom and power. Get one friend to switch to DuckDuck Go on first of month and see how they’ll thank you when all their personal information are safe when the companies hit panic button and leak out everything trying to destory the world. No one should hold power to collect your information without any reason, keep your informations safe. Hit to begin so, before it’s too late.

Here is a billboard, duck duck go kept in San Francisco.


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