Modernization – A trend to change

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Modernization – A trend to change; Things around us are constantly changing for betterment and user friendliness. In the social sciences, Modernization refers to a standardized evolutionary transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or ‘traditional’ to a ‘modern’ society.The times, events everything are constantly changing before our very eyes. The dreams we used to see, the things we used to do are different from what our ancestors saw and did.The world is getting more and more competative, everyone is looking to take a longer stride towards success. So a thought came to me, have we modernized enough? Have our mind and attitude changed towards the new world. We still follow the old philosophy and old religion and tradition. Are they compatible with the current world we are living in, is what I want to know.

The current world or the modern world waits for no one. We have been studying, “think ten times before doing any work”, can this still be implied to life? Coz if we dont act quick enough, the oppertunity will be taken by others and we will be left thinking more. I strongly take “dont think much; just act” to my life; which basically means make one strong decision and take it all the way to the end as you cant go wrong with it. Similarly there are many other thoughts and traditions that workded in the past, but doesnt fit properly to our life right now. Its said life is like a bicycle, you dont fall off until u stop pedaling but right now that bicycle has taken the form of motorcycle and race between em. Life now has been equipped with an engine and is made ready for the race since childhood by selecting the best machineries and fueling them to perform faster and cooler. Its not a life where we go together holding hands or pedalling bicycle; it has now been made a speedy and dangerours road towards our destination and lacking behind is taken as an insult and burdern. So now the life has changed so much, can we still apply our same old philosophies and work under it?

The mind and attitude needs to be developed along with society. Without the new and modern thoughts the time and the society doesnt move towards the place which we dream of. The chainging culture, tradition, thoughts should match the environment and life one is living. The way we visualize our life should be faced towards the speed the world demands. Like six singles is an over in cricket than one boundary in whole over, the world doesnt need perfectism; it needs to be progressing each moment. For that to be true we must be strong enough to hold on to a thought and confidently move forward with it. The more you doubt and more you think; lesser will be your oppertunity and the chances to succeed. We all are built as a power horse with fully equipped engines and moving with older thoughts like pedalling will get you behind the other motorcycle riders.So we must make our own philosophy and move with our own thoughts that matches the current senario.

Finally, DO NOT be a spoon fed baby when you can be the king of your world. There is no necessity to follow something fake and unpleasant and get engaged in god; coz the god u pray and dream of is u, urself. Your the only one that can change and control your life. Listen to your brain, as it is the CPU of your body and only part in you that can think. The books may say “look before you leap”, but I intend on saying “grab when you can”. I recently found a motto that fits the modern society too “If opportunities do not knock on your door then try to build another door by yourself”. So think how you want to live – A modern life with old thoughts or a competative life with active thoughts……..

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