Life String and ME

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Life always plays strange; one second your the happiest person you can imagine, next moment you are weeping for something you never had. We just revolve around the same old thing over and over again. We never get tired of it, even though we know there are better things waiting for us. We never really move on…. Life isn’t attached to just one string, yet we feel that is the only string thats holding us and protecting us.

We only see the things we want to see, we don’t care about others. Trying to please someone just seems to be an act of desperation now!!! Yeah, we might have lost something, something huge… but “Life Never Stops”; does it? We cannot really move on until we are ready to take the first step, but we enjoy staying, trying to prove we are good. The world doesn’t give a shit if your good or bad, it only sees how you are moving. Someone’s victory is someone’s loss…

Life is meant to be lived with smile; but it doesnt give u a reason to smile….. Its up to you to choose and battle for it. You are never wrong in this world, every path you choose takes you to a certain place. You just have to be the leader of it. Yet we stay behind, blaming each other or ourself for something that is lost. We stay confused, lie awake trying to get back whats ours. We seek advice, we don’t follow it. We dream big, yet we don’t work for it. We read “reach for the stars”, but we aren’t ready to face the pain while falling from height. The world just gets more and more weird to me.

As for me, I am just lost in time, trying to be me. I am not a clown, yet I try to bring out that precious smile to people I care. Its not appriciated; people don’t want to smile, they want to have something different in life. I fail to understand the emotions, I look like a #fool just jerking off…. Can someone fucking tell me, what the fuck’s going on? Honestly, I just want to be normal; Its a lonely world where no one understands you…. Yeah, it broke me… people stabbing behind my back.. Well if there is something I learned after that is just keep moving, don’t stop…

“Learning a new thing is useless unless it enables you to think differently”. Knowledge is only acquired when we start to act sensibily. Just ask yourself what have you done in life.. if you’re satisfied with the answer be happy else you know what to do.. move on. There is nothing left to say… soon you’ll fade away but I am just a human being what ever you call it; you wouldn’t even find a real man if you saw it..

Don’t be a stupid fuck, listening to your heart and not your gut; just constantly thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking…….. The places you ever think about is lost in time

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