The Kornsome Effect

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Being a Korn fan since childhood, it was a Dream come true to see them play live at Clarke Exotica, Bangalore on September 9, 2012. I had booked tickets for 3 people including me and the show was due to start at 4 p.m. We left at 12, my hair was undone, I din’t have a metal tshirt but atleast I was gonna see Korn Live. The problem? we didn’t knew where the venue was and we had used friend’s card to book the ticket and rules stated he needs to be present there along with the card. Well he couldn’t come but we turned on Google Navigator on Android and off we went. It was a long journey around 28.4 Km took us about 40 minutes, a huge glow on my face arrived when I saw the first Korn sign board showing directions, I urged to take its pic. I now knew we were near.

As soon as I reached there first thing, ticket I ran towards the counter and got the ticket a sign of relief… phew. Now to pay the auto.. wait we don’t have a change, I then started asking people for change, and I finally got one, and hey the guy that gave me the change spoke Nepali. So one more person to go in with :).

Now we started planning about concert since it was due to start at 4 and we reached there at 2. Now there was nothing around, but we went towards shop to refill ourselves and hey Vodka. We took the vodka headed towards Hollywood Ville and drank up, 3:30 still sometime to go….. On the way we saw a guy clicking pic with Nepali Flag… hey I want one too. We went and talked with him clicked pics, he was there alone so he joined us one more friend :D. Now we were gearing up to go inside, we met a French guy another friend awesome. Finally, we went inside… but I was still without a tshirt, as soon as I went inside there were official “The Path to Totality” tshirts being sold, I ran bought one changed and now the awesomest time in my life began.

There was initially performance of Galeej Gurus. They were good but we were waiting for Korn. Before Korn came up to stage we were given free beers to kick start the koncert, which we did. Then up came Korn’s intro.. unfortunately Jonathan’s sexy mic stand was missing :(… well atleast they are here; its time for some NU metal Shit. They started up with old school songs like Divine, Good God, which totally rocked us… Good God is one of my favourite songs, I don’t remember how much I shouted and jumped and ofc headbanged till that. Then came the new album songs Naracastic Cannibal, Way to far, chaos lives in everything and Get up…. Get up was absolute hit, I did enjoy all 4 but get up build the crowd wild… and I was enjoying every fucking moment of it.

We were right infront of the stage, we shouted JD, Munkey.. they raised their hands and smiled… Now for some classic korn songs to wrap it up. Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, Falling away from me… wow those songs are all time favorite.. and we were going wilder and wilder.. the “dance with me” part in got the life, “Dhum tada” part in freak on a leash wow I don’t remember what I did that time jumping, dancing, headbanging… When I looked down, my pant was torn lol… well souviner I guess… then came absolute beauty Another Brick in the wall… it was massive hit.. the intro, the build up.. the musical part in middle before awesome “goodbye cruel world” finish… Now the stage was dark… we started shouting we want more, we want more and up comes JD with Bagpipe woo shoots and ladders.. we started singing those nursary rhymes lol now it was time for headbanging part in that song but what the… they switched to Metallica’s one so awesomely… and we were now singing one “Absolute horror, I cannot Live, I cannot Die” never experienced such a clean change live… I was damn happy to see my dreams, but no Korn concert is complete without “Blind” and that was the final song “Are you Ready”, we went absolutely wild to the beat and it was awesome finish, now they started throwing souviners I was in front row by then and got nothing.. but some of my friends got Munkey’s pick and Ray Luzier’s drumstick.. anyways I got to hold it… kiss it.. take pic with it.. the best day of my life had got better.. my pants were torn badly but I didn’t care cause I could walk head high.. saying I’ve been to fucking Korn show and it was fucking awesome.

I don’t think I’ll have the same thrill, excitement, love, happiness for a long time (well if Man Utd comes to my place then I will get it again ;)0) it was the awesomest day of my life. For once I forgot everything, the pains, the memories, the anger.. and I was damn happy with life and excited.. cause 1 out of 3 dreams has been completed. Probably, I won’t be able to fulfil 3rd but I’ll surely work for the second one… Cause after watching them live… I felt the same happiness I used to feel few yrs back.. no nothing.. just plain happiness 🙂 and it was awesome watching your favourite band right infront of you… I write this as I see my torn pant and smile at that moment m/

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