The Angel that I met

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Life is a funny, and so unpredictable. I guess none of my friends really expected me to love someone more than the gadgets and football. I never really seemed to care cause I was happy with my life, my attitude my thoughts. I enjoyed my solitude and never ever thought of a change. As a social activity I enjoyed chatting with people from my friend’s account (basically cause people in my account used to run away). Then I came across this angel, sweet as a chocolate, beautiful as a rose, soft as a pillow. I had never seen anything so fascinating in my life; the way she smiled, the way she talked everything was getting captured and stored in my heart. The beautiful talks and jokes and her bright pretty face was screen saver for my brain which ran on every 10 seconds of inactivity. The talks and jokes produced a magical tone that reached my heart and called it towards her.

I tried to reboot myself but I was totally captured by this beautiful soul. There was no way out or maybe I didn’t want myself out. The beauty, the softness, the voices kept playing on my brain even when she wasn’t there courtesy of recording in laptop. The more I heard and saw the deeper I was falling. Then came the time to ask her to be mine; but I didn’t have the software to propose this beautiful angel. I tried to build one but it took me a thousand tries to make my software come anywhere near her beauty/2 (half). I knew it wasn’t enough but being an angel, she agreed to install. I then presented her with exclusively selected welcome and thank you message. She maybe didn’t like my interference but appreciated my functionality. I then took a vow to make her smile for ever, to make her feel special for ever.

Times passed by, and she helped me decorate myself with love and emotion, showed me a life that was as beautiful as she. I became the happiest person to have her on my side. She showed me even how small things in life can make you happy. I learned to (well still am) develop emotions and respect others. My social acceptance increased; I started making friends, my parents started loving me like never before. I had someone that accepted me as who I was and always supported me. She made my life special and I actually started enjoying and loving my life.

I am grateful for meeting this angel, that transformed my life into a visual reality (3rd paragraph) from computer minded self (2nd paragraph). I guess I found a new reason to smile, a chance to actually miss someone. Still tears fall off my eyes when I hurt her or don’t meet her expectation. I try every time to be better for this Angel I Met; I don’t know if I am succeeding but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. For she is the main() function of my program. The function that calls other function and without which program is clueless.

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