The God De-mystifiyed

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“God” often described as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe…. They are supposed to be the most powerful well… being or element or lets say of anything…. They made everything….you see around and ofc you, yourself lol… There are millions, billions of people who follow god blindly and many have devoted their life for this super power house. They worship, they hope, they dream, they eat, they live in the name of god… Thank god for everything he’s given us in life and thank and pray again before and after any work…. God has been turned into a monstorous component controlling every part of mind and hope in life… What people do forget is… “YOU are the GOD yourself for YOU”.

Yes, You are the god, you make things happen around you… you create the environment around you… you create the future for you… You may have heard of stories saying god creating living beings, earth, environment…. Well throw it out of mind… cause I say that it is untrue… There has been a debate of existance of god… the probability still is 50-50… but its something one cannot help… You cannot prove neither the existance nor the non-existance of god… both sides have valid arguments… but I believe its a Permanent argument and if something cannot be proved permanently you gotta deny its existance… hence I deny it… Anyways… We are in a century where we have to believe in our ownselves a time we need to let go off the belief god being third or other supernatural power…… Are we ready to make the change???

Lets check it out, We say god has already decided all the person’s faith before he’s born…. then why the hell are some born evil? Do god want their fate to have evil in them… Then how is he called unbiased?? Also a fact that freaks me out of the word god is

“Is god willing to prevent evil, but unable to? Then how is he a super power?

Is god able to prevent evil but unwilling to prevent evil? Then how is he a Fate Decider?

Finally is god both unable and unwilling to prevent evil? Then why call him god?”

There is no answer to these question.. A people may say god test and there is time… but havent other innocent people suffered enough? what mistake did they make? Some might say after death they suffer… well in life others suffer and me well I will love to suffer after death than to suffer in this world… As I think deeper the funnier and more interesting these stuffs get… I find parents saying to children… believe in god, he has already decided your life… but when the child fails to do something; poor kiddo gets all the scolding… Why can’t the parents think that time that god has written it in his fate to fail in the thing….. More things I can think of well I bought of this statue and on the way i had an accident and I believe it saved my life…. Well recently I had a man utd tea cup and voila I was saved from being hit by car… Man I should worship that man utd tea cup, it prevented me from being hit by a vehicle

Well going to my definition of god; “God – The most creative imagination of human being that even ruled them…. ” Yes, a creative human made thing has ruled human itself… We worship them, we follow them, we feed them, we bow infront of them… while I can imagine from what I’ve heard they just sit along waiting to pleased… Well I just got some words for people “Stop believing in something else, start believing in yourself”. Why do you need a third god??? Something that might or might not be out there… Just follow yourself and your path, You will reach the place of your dream… Forget the dellusion, forget the religion cause I can tell you one thing… “The best thing about being an atheist is, you can actually use your creativity.”

Lastly – Worship yourself, feed yourself and finally gain yourself… cut the third party out of life ;). God hates me more I see the life….

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