Sentiment Analysis Project

With the rapid development of internet, more and more kinds of online information are available. In these information resources, there are abundant of subjective comments and views, for example, comments for electronic products, cars, movies, or reviews for some events or policies. It is valuable to decide whether the comments are positive or negative, if […]

Linux in day to day life

“Almost every person who uses technology in today’s world uses or has used something that is Linux powered” We have been promoting use of Linux though out NOSK programs, we even had installation session. Most people have Linux as a Dual Boot option (well even I do mostly for Football Manager and Photoshop). However, I […]

Open Source

Ask not what open source software can do for you, but what YOU can do for open source software. Open Source has started a new trend in the world of Computers. It refers to developing a product while allowing access to the end product’s source code. This means anyone can modify the final product and […]

Cloud Computing – The Future???

The end of ‘Fashion-IT’?? – customers will only pay for value and not technology. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet). IT […]