The Programming Logic

People usually think the programmers are quiet, shy and bad with words. That’s cause they are innovators and carry out all possible cases before doing something. They have a habit of thinking deep, cause a poorly written code can be depressing and can destroy a planet. You gotta think like a stupidiest person and smartest […]

The Day We Fight Back

Edward Snowden had reaveled that NSA are SPYING on us using big tech giants such as Facebook, ADT Security, Apple, Verizon, ATT, OnStar, and to some extent Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft. All phone calls, text messages, facebook updates, emails are accessible directly to NSA. They are building a spy center at Utah which is rumoured […]

Ubuntu Touch on Nexus

Ubuntu has finally released stable Ubuntu Touch for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. Nexus 4 is newer and faster device capable of handling ubuntu os, but galaxy nexus has started to show its age. The Installation was snap, but the OS was too slow to be usuable. 1. Installation I used ubuntu OS 13.04 to […]