The God De-mystifiyed

“God” often described as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe…. They are supposed to be the most powerful well… being or element or lets say of anything…. They made everything….you see around and ofc you, yourself lol… There are millions, billions of people who follow god blindly and many have devoted their life […]

Modernization – A trend to change

Modernization – A trend to change; Things around us are constantly changing for betterment and user friendliness. In the social sciences, Modernization refers to a standardized evolutionary transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or ‘traditional’ to a ‘modern’ society.The times, events everything are constantly changing before our very eyes. The dreams we used to see, the things […]

Growing Up Geek

Geek – The word geek is a slang term, with different meanings ranging from “a computer expert or enthusiast” We all have a story on how our life headed towards something, how we started to fall in love with the word called “Computer”. Back, in the days when I was a kid I used to […]

YP PC Lock 1.0

YP PC Lock is used to prevent other users from using your pc while you are away. It locks the environment and desktop and even task manager. Features:- Prevents taskmanager and other buttons to get out Password Protected Locks system Completely Ability to keep your own custom Background in locked screen Fixed Few Issue Added […]